Contractor Product Support & Consulting

Fire protection product support

The Residential Design team provides support for every home fire sprinkler design we create, and all the products we sell. We will provide fire protection consulting services to help guide you through the approval process with your local authority and help explain each step as needed. In today's fast paced world new products are introduced nearly every day.

Residential Design will help keep you up to date and informed about the products you choose for your next Residential fire sprinkler project.

We offer an easy to handle electronic submittal package, created in Adobe Acrobat. Simply forward our submittal package email to your local print shop or print it in your own office and you will have complete set of fire protection shop drawings ready for submission to your local authority for permit.

If at any time during the review process questions arise, we are available to answer questions and explain the fine points of our sprinkler layout, shop drawings, hydraulic calculations and material data information pages.

We provide fire protection consulting expertise and direction which will allows contractors to install safe and dependable home fire sprinkler systems.

Contact us today for contractor product support needs.

Our mission is to provide quality residential fire sprinkler design, material ordering services, and sprinkler components to our customers, at a competitive price. In the new and unpredictable single family home market, Residential Design is your best partner in the home fire protection market.

We offer a 100% money back guarantee

If our shop drawings are not acceptable to your local authority, we will correct them or refund the design fees. Our goal is to help your company get an installation permit.