Manufacturer's Customized Product Marketing Services

Residential Design

Residential Design provides the fire suppression plans required to sell your pipe, fittings and sprinkler components by providing an NFPA-13D layout for submittal to local AHJ or fire department. We will design and list for your specific pipe and sprinkler components, and for your customer.

  • Design PEX Pipe systems
  • Design CPVC pipe systems
  • Design Copper pipe systems
  • Combined systems as defined by NFPA-13D
  • Stand alone systems or Multi-purpose
  • We will not specify other vendor's material to your customer

If your plans require your specific fire sprinkler components, Residential Design provides the shop drawings and material listing you need for submittal to local AHJ or fire department. We offer a 10 day turn around on most house plans and ship those to the vendor or direct to the customer.

Our fire sprinkler professionals accept PDF, CAD or paper plans. The installer is required to submit plans to local authority for permit and will complete installation work and gain final approval.

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Our mission is to provide quality residential fire sprinkler design, material ordering services, and sprinkler components to our customers, at a competitive price. In the new and unpredictable single family home market, Residential Design is your best partner in the home fire protection market.

We offer a 100% money back guarantee

If our shop drawings are not acceptable to your local authority, we will correct them or refund the design fees. Our goal is to help your company get an installation permit.