PEX fire sprinkler system copper sprinkler system components

Contractors can add residential fire sprinkler systems cost effectively with Residential Design.

If you are a home builder, fire sprinkler contractor, or a residential plumber with fire sprinkler credentials, call us! Residential Design specializes in helping contractors add fire sprinkler systems to new home construction.

We know how to make residential fire sprinklers affordable to the home owner and profitable for the contractor. We don't cookie cutter our projects out, that just does not work when you serve the entire country. Because residential construction methods, water sources and climate vary from job to job, our team can help you make your project efficient and cost effective by guiding you through the material and system design process that fits your needs.

We work directly with many material manufactures that are bringing new, money saving innovative products to market. Our team can design your fire sprinkler system as a combined (multi-purpose) system using PEX pipe and fittings, or traditional CPVC pipe and fittings systems.

We offer discounted pricing on residential fire sprinkler heads and system components shipped directly from the manufacture. We can help you get the best prices on material available, either from your local plumbing shop or buying direct from us. Because we work directly with the manufactures of PEX pipe, CPVC pipe, fire sprinkler heads and sprinkler components, we have great pricing on all fire sprinkler material so we can pass our savings on to you.

We will provide your company with a free estimate of the design cost and make recommendations so you can complete your material take-off for your fire sprinkler system project. Our process is simple and easy to follow because we will provide you with a good set of plans and an experienced support team. There are many firms that offer shop drawings for hire, but few that will help explain the system and stand behind you during the installation.

We offer a 100% money back guarantee on all of our shop drawings and we are here to make your next project simple and profitable. Call or email to make your next project fire safe!

Contact us today for more information about our work with contractors.

Our mission is to provide quality residential fire sprinkler design, material ordering services, and sprinkler components to our customers, at a competitive price. In the new and unpredictable single family home market, Residential Design is your best partner in the home fire protection market.

We offer a 100% money back guarantee

If our shop drawings are not acceptable to your local authority, we will correct them or refund the design fees. Our goal is to help your company get an installation permit.